At Seal It Insulation Systems we worry just as much about water vapor as we do energy loss. Trapped water vapor creates mold & mildew inside your home or business which can greatly effect your indoor air quality in addition to causing some SERIOUS damage to your structural wood components . One of our goals is to mitigate, as much as possible, the source of water vapor within a structure. If you can prevent the water from ever getting in, you can eliminate most problems and rest easy. Seal It only employs high-tech, impermeable vapor barrier materials in combination with high-end spray foams to accomplish this. We would never put your home or business in jeopardy!

The Science Is Complicated, Always Trust the Pros

For most buildings in the northeast, where winter heating conditions are a way of life, vapor barriers are installed toward the interior of the home or the heated side of insulation in the assembly. In warmer, more humid regions, the direction in which water vapor moves changes, and hence requires a different installation strategy. Fortunately for you, our Seal It installation professionals are well-trained and understand the science of preventing water vapor infiltration better than most.

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