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Based on experience and recommendations, I enlisted the help and expertise of Seal-It to fully insulate my house in Portland. From start to finish, Greg(Owner) walked me through their process and guided me in achieving the best energy rating for my home. As well as the labor, Seal-It provided me the necessary steps in processing the paperwork via Efficiency Maine to maximize my return on rebates that they offer. Greg was also very efficient in responding to concerns or questions I had during my project. If I had question, I had a response within an appropriate time frame that same day. I would fully recommend Seal-It, Greg and Laura both have a great sense of customer support and knowledge.
I recently hired Seal-It to insulate a home in Scarborough. Last year they completed a project for me in Old Ochard Beach. In both instances, Greg was great to work with. His follow up is fantastic. He is quick to schedule a site visit and delivers a detailed estimate very soon after. He offers a full explanation about his recommendations and is happy to answer any questions. When the work begins, he sends a friendly, hardworking crew and visits the site again to make sure all is going well. The clean up when the job is complete is very impressive. They left the construction site cleaner than it was when they arrived!
I am a Project Manager for Eider Investments. I hired Seal-It to do both spray foam and fiberglass insulation. They went above and beyond explaining some areas that should be done and explained why. The help was professional and courteous and they did an awesome job. Everything cleaned up and removed. Highly recommend
My name is Matt Martelle and I have been a general contractor in the building industry for ten years now. I have seen a lot of different types of sub-contractors come and go. I have been deeply impressed by my experience with Seal It Insulation Systems. It starts on site with Greg Richards. His knowledge of the different systems is unsurpassed and this translates to his crew. The installation team was top notch as far as I’m concerned. I am a neat freak and I was blown away by not only the condition they left the job in when they left, but also the condition the job site was in while they worked. Seal It is my first choice anytime I need any sort of insulation system.
Matt Martelle, Martelle Construction and Resurgam Design
My husband Brian and I had some insulation done at our new construction on Sligo Road in North Yarmouth earlier this week and I wanted to provide you with some feedback. Your employees were professional, polite and are the only group that have cleaned up after themselves since the project began a few months ago. They made a fantastic impression, as we mentioned to them several times, but I found it appropriate to reiterate this information to you. Word of mouth is the best advertising for a business, and we will be spreading the word, that is for sure.

Thank you again for a job well done. We appreciate it!

Sarah C. Restuccia, Custom Disability Solutions
In December 2014 Seal It installed closed spray foam in the crawlspace under the single-story portion of our home in Topsham. We have a Bed & Breakfast and the single-story portion is the area we live in. Crawlspace is a bit of a misnomer as it was significantly less than a crawlspace. If fact several other companies I contacted refused to quote the job because of the restricted space.

Despite the record-breaking cold in February the house has been significantly warmer this winter than previous years, and comes back up to temperature quicker in the mornings after a night set back. I notice it particularly on the floors when playing with the dogs. I have had occasion to go into the crawlspace myself to run a new wire for the TV and am very impressed with how thorough a job your crew did with getting the spray foam into virtually inaccessible spaces.

Thanks again and we will certainly be recommending you to others.

Tom Connelie, Black Lantern B & B
I just wanted you to know that the basement is proving to be much drier. I was cleaning up the stack of boards down there this weekend and have no concerns about continuing to store them down in the basement.

We had some heavy rain last week and, as expected, there was a good bit of water seeping in during the storm. But I’d say it was basically dry again in under 24 hours. Total transformation from the pre-insulation situation.

Thanks for the advice and installation!

David Rawson and Karen Freedman
I just wanted to say that I was very impressed with Scott and his team. I have been in the business for quite some time and used various foam companies throughout. Scott and Zack were exceptional at what they do. I know the mistake that was made with spraying areas not intended to be sprayed was hard felt by all parties involved, but I also would like to say that Scott and Zack were more than helpful with this situation. The handling of it was nothing short of professional excellence. I can tell that Zack and his co-workers take great pride in what they do, they were very eager to please and unbelievably diligent with the spraying, preparation, and cleanup. If this project is an example of how your company operates in general you can be certain that I will be calling you guys first and last on my next project.
Lane Plissey
I’ve got to say your team of workers were really great. They truly are an asset to your company. They had a real “can-do” attitude. They did a real nice job! I very much appreciate your bringing in the second team to get the job done by 5:00 pm. I would recommend your company to others.
Joseph P. Ditré, Esq.
I retained Seal It Insulation Systems last October to install spray foam insulation in my attic and I am delighted with the result. The foam insulation solved a chronic ice dam problem and reduced my energy cost significantly. John Bryer and his people were knowledgeable, professional, and easy to work with. They did a GREAT job. The installers came when scheduled, respected my home, worked quickly and efficiently, and cleaned up thoroughly before they left. I am an advocate and can recommend Seal It without hesitation.
Name Withheld for Personal Privacy
Thank you very much. I was on site today when Reggie and Josh were there. They did a GREAT job. Both of them are professional, extremely knowledgeable and their workmanship and attention to detail was impressive. Prior to starting, Reggie took the time to discuss a few technical aspects of the job and also some insulating theories. It was a great conversation and when I asked him for his recommendations, I changed the plan and went with it. I must also say that Greg was right there during these conversations and ALSO provided his input and suggestions. Both Greg and Reggie’s suggestions were in sync and we were able to modify the job plans.

The new plan called for some additional material (Radiant Shield) and Greg went out of his way to go pick some up at the shop and drop it off on site. He has very impressive customer service. He has always been easy to communicate with and accommodating.

I cannot speak more highly of the entire Seal It team. I am very happy with the insulating job and will not hesitate in recommending your team to anyone in the future.

Please pass along my thanks to Greg, Reggie and Josh.

We are so impressed with your company. Starting with John who came out so quickly to give us a quote and then to have the work done a week later. The gentlemen who installed the foam were very professional, courteous and conscientious of their work. I highly recommend Seal It and look forward to using you again in the near future.
Gloria Bryant
We are so impressed with your company. Starting with John who came out so quickly to give us a quote and then to have the work done a week later. The gentlemen who installed the foam were very professional, courteous and conscientious of their work. I highly recommend Seal It and look forward to using you again in the near future.
Gloria Bryant
THANK YOU!!!! I’m writing this letter to commend you on a job well done with the insulating of my home. Your company has been insightful and informative every step of the way. Any questions I had before, during and after have been quickly answered. During the winter of 2008-2009 I used 800 gallons of oil in my 1,200-sq-ft home. After having just my basement and attic insulated with the spray foam I used 399 gallons during the winter of 2009-2010. I’ll repeat 399!! Incredible!! I never would have expected such a drop in usage. Your crew has also been a joy to work with. They have been very polite and respectful every step of way. They have gone above and beyond to keep me informed throughout the entire process. Your foreman also invited me to watch them spray foam into my walls. VERY EXCITING! They didn’t even mind me taking pictures throughout the entire process. 🙂

My house is 1,200 sq ft and built in 1866. Since winter your company has completed spraying foam into my walls. I have noticed an immediate reduction in road noise and outside noise from inside the house. I hope to reduce my consumption of oil even more now since my walls are done. I praise your company to anyone and everyone I speak to. The added fact that your product is green makes me feel a lot better having it in my home and helping the environment at the same time. I would gladly speak to anyone that is questioning this product and inform them of how GREAT your product is. Again, a big thank you for all you have done and for all the money you have saved me! Best wishes to everyone in your company!

Name withheld for Personal Privacy
My experience with Seal It has been positive, start to finish. When you came over to look at my basement, you explained the process to me and provided me with literature on the insulation value of open and closed cell spray foam insulation. Wondering whether to insulate my whole basement or just one section, Seal It provided me with the breakdown of costs.

Once we set a date for the work, the Seal It crew arrived on schedule, went to work and left my basement neater than they found it.

My old house feels less drafty and the heat is more even throughout, including the kitchen, built over a crawlspace on the north end of the house, which Seal It also gymnastically insulated.

Because I converted from an oil burner to natural gas a few months after Seal It finished its work, and because we’ve had a mild winter, I can’t say that I saved X number of dollars and that Seal It is the reason. But I’m entirely happy with the job your company did.

Name withheld for Personal Privacy
As a business owner, I can appreciate great customer service coupled with a great product. When we started looking into spray foam for our basement, I called four different insulators and received four different options on what to do. What I appreciated most about Seal It was the time their sales team spent answering my questions, and the confidence they instilled in their plan and product. Seal It was heads above their competitors in this regard. Their spray team was prompt, polite and did an extremely thorough job. And most importantly, it’s made a huge difference in our home’s heat loss!
Name withheld for Personal Privacy
Although we have not yet experienced a full heating season with our new house, the indications from April and May were very positive. The strong winter winds across Harpswell Sound did not penetrate our house thanks to the open cell foam! On days with any solar gain at all the heating system rarely came on since the house retains heat very well.

This summer, I have been very impressed at the difference in our attic temperatures. On days in the 80s, the attic has stayed only moderately warmer than the second floor, probably 15-20 degrees cooler than it would be with standard fiberglass insulation in the ceiling. This means the house stays cooler, and we do not have to contend with hot, stuffy sleeping conditions. I needed to be convinced about the hot roof concept, but so far you can consider me a convert!

The Seal It team was great to work with, happy to answer my many questions, and very accommodating in getting our installation done just right!

Name withheld for Personal Privacy
To My Friends at Seal It Insulation,
I have been in the building trade since 1989. Throughout this time we have have worked with many insulation companies. To that end, I was fortunate to meet Scott, a sales representative for Seal It Insulation. He asked for a few minutes of my time, and really got into the fine points of insulation systems. This was something no other insulation company had ever done for me. It did not take long to realize that the Seal It Team would be a perfect compliment for the custom homes we are building.
We have since worked exclusively with Seal It.
I have since had the opportunity to meet with “owner” John Bryer for some technical advise. His knowledge of the trade is vast, and his willingness to assist his clientele is far beyond what you will receive with any other company.
Another important connection to the entire Seal It team is Laura Bryer. She is always available in the office, handling scheduling, and keeping in touch as the projects begin, progress, and successfully complete.
I have no doubt that we have surely improved the overall quality of our homes since we began to work with Seal It Insulation!!
Respectfully Submitted,
Paul Smith
Paul Smith , Paul Smith Builders